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Personal FAQ
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State Senator for Burque's International District:
Wyoming Terrace, Van Cleave, Willow Wood, Miravista, MiraBella, Singing Arrow, Trumbull, South San Pedro, La Mesa, Expo NM, Fair West, Elder Homestead, Chelwood Vista, South Los Altos, Towne Park, Sandia Vista, East Central, Los Colinas, Grand Court, Los Altos Towers, Western Skies, South Pointe, Encino Gardens, Far East Route 66, Los Altos, Far East Central and Mile High, Longwood East, Sandia Technology Park, Four Hills Mobile Home Park and Terracita
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27 different cultures in my 10 sq mile neighbhorhood
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Blood and Thunder (story of Kit Carson), The Goal, Ceremony, Liars Poker, Outliers (great book!), Uprising, Botany of Desire, Founding Brothers, Blink, History of Heavy Metal
Where have you travelled: 80+ countries in six continents

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Kyuss, Anthrax, Mastadon, Trivium, Apocolyptica, One Day as A Lion, Into the Wild,

TK's Favorite Dist 17 Eateries

  • I've been staying local in the neighborhood for most of my meals and have come up with some great gems that might be new to those who haven't ventured west of San Mateo and Central in while. If you are in the area check out:


    Breakfast: Newly openned Tia Betty Blue's has great breakfast burritos, Ropers makes the best pancakes in town (try the green chile blue corn pinon cakes)! Bea's (both locations, the original on central is my fav) is an old staple that delivers. Copper Canyon is a Lovelace and base crowd fav, pretty good huevos.  When in doubt there is always #6 at the Golden Pride that always delivers. Perea's is another classic.


    Lunch: Powdrell's and JR's both bring some good bbq, Powdrell's being a little more spicy, JR's more thick and rich. The new Lil' Anita's for NM burrito and Baggins for sandwiches can't miss. Giovanni's Pizza offers, hard to find in NM, authentic NY style pizza. La Socilita and Basil Leaf are go to's for a great business lunch,Taaj Palace has an excellent buffet,  Burrito Lady has smokin hot Santa Rosa Style burritos, Chen's Chinese is also tops Chinese in this area by far. Plus, the new Dion's (for me in walking distance) always a great standby. Pizza 9 has a surprisingly good italian beef sandwich too and Pizza Castle is pretty good.  All that said, I do love some green chile teriyaki chicken bowl!  


    Dinner: Paul's Monterrey in is sweet throwback to the another era of smoke filled dark steakhouses, the food is still excellent with service to match, hasn't changed in 30 years and offers a truly authentic experience. Cooperage offers a slightly updated version with a massive salad bar. Cervantes offers the area's top New Mexican food and a sweet velvet lined bar!  I'm still waiting to try the new "Town House," a throw back to old days, hoping it will be as good.  El Norteno moved from Zuni but it still close by on Wyoming and Constitution has some of the best Mexican seafood in the city. Also a just outside the district, Paisano's has best pasta in town. We have a new Sadie's on Juan Tabo as well.


    Vietnamese: Cafe Trang and Coda Bakery (grilled pork and a ice'd coffee is tops), Que Hong (best for chicken and veggie), Cafe Du Lat (beef dishes and seafood) are my top 3 for overall menu. Get your emissions check and a spring role at Viet 2000!


    Grocery Shopping: Talin Market, El Mesquite and 99 Bahn cover almost anything you'd want and can't get anywhere else in NM, FruitiMex on Zuni is fun trip


    Dessert: La Michuacanna has more Popsicles and ice cream than you can imagine, and old school frito pie in the frito's bag! Chocolate Cartel for aztec and mayan spice 70%+ cacao and excellent Gelato


    Bars: ED's Pub makes bowling fun, Caravan East is where my parents used to go on dates, Blue Jeans Lounge has the best blues in town but recently closed, the lounge at Paul's Monterray is vintage and site of many movie filmings, even though its a chain, the Applebee's near Target is always packed for games.  hit up the Sanchez taco carts budding up all over after for late night snack.  For the throw back to my middle school days there is always Roller Skate City for fam fun.
What was Tim up to for three years in Cambodia?
Monday, March 10, 2008

Tim Keller (center) with Digital Data Divide workers in Cambodia 

Recently I've been writing positive things about Tim Keller, who's a progressive Dem running in the primary for State Senator in District 17. I've had a chance to talk with Tim at some length, and he spoke at last week's DFA-DFNM Meetup, making a very positive impression on the group with his passion and his positions. There's a lot of excitement in the progressive community about Keller's candidacy, including right here on this blog.

Unfortunately, I noticed that there's an item on Monahan today trying to make an issue of the fact that when Keller was 18 he registered as a Republican. Tim was also an independent for some years afterwards as he involved himself in exploring life and finding his niche -- before developing a focused political identity. It appears that Tim's opponent, four-term incumbent Shannon Robinson (SD-17), may try to use this to discredit Tim, but it's clear to me that Keller has a solid record he can stand by.

Monahan could have explained what Tim was doing when he wasn't registering himself as a Democrat. What was he up to? Among other things, getting a top notch education and helping to develop an innovative non-profit program overseas:

He was away at Notre Dame getting his undergrad degree 
He helped start a non-profit in Cambodia helping land mine victims and other displaced persons (see articleabout Digital Data Divide)
He went to get his MBA at Harvard
He moved back home--to be closer to his family


Tim in Cambodia 

Since returning to New Mexico, he's been busy working at his regular job in addition to volunteering for groups that foster economic opportunities in Albuquerque's Southeast Heights—putting his business skills to work in the district where he lives. He also serves on the boards of numerous groups in the state and has helped develop small businesses here. The sum of his experiences led him to run for office as a Democrat -- because core Democratic values match his own heartfelt values. As Tim says:

"I have been a registered Republican, an Independent, and a Democrat. I am not a political insider and have got my experiences and values from things outside of politics, through community involvement, economic development and poverty alleviation both abroad and in New Mexico." 

"I have a record I am proud to explain. I was born and raised in New Mexico. I went away to school and lived and worked overseas to improve the lives of disenfranchised people. I paid attention to issues more than I did politics. But now, I want to take those same organizing, civic minded skills to politics and the public sector--to help people.

"I became a Democrat thoughtfully and through conviction."

Tim (upper right) with Digital Data Divide workers in Cambodia. 

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of respect for a real Dem who started out in a Republican family, became successful in the business world, found a way to put his business acumen to work to help people in need help themselves -- and decided to run for office to serve his community. 

Unfortunately, there are too many politicians in office today who call themselves Democrats but who have lost their way and abandoned many of their Dem ideals in order to acquire and hang onto power and clout. From my point of view, Tim's the real deal, and he came to his political identity through his rich experiences in life, as well as a conscious choice. I hope he's a harbinger of many more caring, progressive candidates to come, in his generation and beyond.

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