• Sen. Keller plans to run for State Auditor to champion government reform ideas he has worked in the legislature, he will attack fraud, waste and abuse; and push for more effective use of state-funded programs including: education, healthcare, water & tax policies
  • Tim has a prolific legislative career, passing 20 bills challenging the status quo and dealing with the critical issues of our times including: jobs, education, tax reform, social justice, good government & anti corruption. Visit the "legislation" tab for details.
  • Tim always makes it a point to listen to input on all issues and to be responsive to constituent concerns. He believes in following his values and strives to put policy before politics. Tim won re-election 65% to 35% and was recently elected Senate Majority Whip
Senate Floor Passes Memorial Celebrating Fifth ...
Senate Floor Passes Brewery District Memorial ...
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Senate bill would regulate art auction houses
“Tim is breath of fresh air! He fights for our diverse community and neighborhoods. He is the sort of change we needed!”
Nancy Bearce, District 6 Neighborhood Coalition President

"We applaud Keller for listening to and working with a wide variety of local businesses and organized labor."
Keep N.M. Tax Dollar Spending In-State
By Sherman McCorkle Technology Ventures Corp. and Dale Dekker Dekker/Perich/Sabatini